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Visualize, Auditorize, and Learn with Kinaesthetic-Tactile Activities
Číslo projektu:2017-1-SK01-KA201-035312
Popis projektu:na stránke Európskej komisie
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Sumár projektu:Languages are important priority for the EU and for our students too. For this reason we see the necessity to develop foreign language teaching methods in vocational schools where many academically weaker students with learning differences/disabilities and less opportunities are educated. We need the new methods, because traditional methods have not been effective, so we decided to form this project partnership of 4 secondary vocat. schools and 1 faculty of humanities of a university. All the partners have had similar difficulties in achieving the English curriculum objectives. The project "VAK it and Tac it!" will provide blended methods of teaching English to students aged 14-17. It will help not only learners with learning difficulties but all students in mainstreaming classes acquire higher quality skills and competences. They will use all their learning pathways in the brain like visual, auditory, kinaesthetic and tactile in order to enhance memory and learning. They will start learning with the basic concepts and progress methodically to more difficult ones. As these students have low self-esteem because of their learning difficulties we will support them to work with their peers and thus become more self-confident.The students’ personal acquisition of relevant skills and competences will be one of the objectives of the project. We aim to have 6 LTT activities. During each mobility students will present their schools, see the school, observe lessons, teacher will have trainings.Each activity will be monitored and evaluated by each partner. We will monitor the activities flow. Proper using of the budget will be monitored by the school principals and the Slovak coordinator. The university will guide and observe student teachers in charge of the surveys. Our evaluation plan will create a framework for what happens during the partnership and how the partnership affects students, teachers, schools and communities. VAK it and Tac it! will help students understand different cultures, beliefs and overcome their prejudices about foreigners by visiting each other, having lessons with their peers, sharing their rooms and food.The students will speak English at the hosting school which will improve their communication skills in English, social skills cultural and intercultural awareness. During the mobilities the students will be hosted by families taking age, gender and appropriate conditions into consideration. The partnership focuses both on students and teachers involvement. Teachers will over-watch students work,provide guidance in the activities. They will design and present lessons, write evaluation sheets. They will implement the project's products in the teaching process. During the LTT activities seminars and workshops will be held for the teachers.The university will monitor and guide us, give advice. We plan 2 project outputs: 1. Multisensory instructional materials for teaching English at vocat. schools (Slovakia will collect the materials) 2. Creating a module of these materials including the project process and outcomes, articles, surveys and their results, suggestions for teaching ESL using the multisensory approaches in vocat. schools (Turkey will collect materials for this) The outputs will be shared with local/national authorities and educational institutions so that a wide number of institutions can benefit from them. Moreover, during the 1st transnat. meeting the university will organize a seminar for the teachers about MSL education and inclusion in the class where educat. institutions, research and guidance centres will be invited. The university will check the adequacy and effectiveness of the instructional materials and the teaching tasks. They will organise a "materials development" workshop. Italy will make an introduction on pedagogical methods for inclusion; they will guide parents and students. Parents will also benefit from the project activities. Each school will organize teacher-parents meetings to instruct parents how they can help their children acquire higher quality skills and competences. About 2500 people will benefit from the project activities and the outcomes. They are the mobility participants, students and teachers of the partner schools, parents, members of educational institutions, research and guidance centres in our regions and also local and national authorities. They all will be provided the project`s materials for free. They will be available online and some will be printed. Romania and all partners are responsible for disseminating the project. Except from above mentioned disseminating activities, a grand dissemination event will be organised in Turkey. The project has been performed as an eTwinning project and visible improvement has been seen in students' motivation and attitude towards language learning. Thanks to the multisensory tasks, their competence in English language has developed. Therefore, we will do our best for the sustainability of the project.
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